Park Origination

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Planning Origination

1. The quality of living environment is becoming poor gradually derived from rapid concentration of population and industries in the metropolitan area.
2. The large park is absent from the metropolitan area.
3. The metropolitan residents demand recreation facilities eagerly.


Square at Entrance

Square at Entrance


Planning Goals

• To provide the nationals with recreation spots
1. Open Space: to provide a more natural and high-quality recreation spots.
2. Visual Landscape: to improve the visual landscape of the metropolitan area.
3. Target Users: for the metropolitan residents.


To provide the nationals with recreation spots
To provide the nationals with recreation spots



• To protect the environmental resources
To ensure that the metropolitan area keeps the environment resources that have recreation potential and are preserved for the next generations to utilize permanently.


To protect the environmental resources
To protect the environmental resources



• To Improve area environment
1. To adjust temperature.
2. To purify air quality.
3. To reduce noise.
4. To decrease runoff.


To Improve area environment
To Improve area environment


Planning Principles

• Park development must be in accordance with land resources conservation.
• Aesthetics and aforestation are given priority over recreation facilities.
• The balance between passive recreation and active recreation are to be maintained.
• Park development must be viewed as an integral part of new townships of Kaohsiung.


Golden Rooster Sundial
Golden Rooster Sundial


1. To relieve working pressure by building a forest-like metropolitan park to serve the residents in the metropolitan area with daily recreation space.
2. To increase the green meadow and improve city environment so as to upgrade the living quality.
3. To cherish and care more the existing environmental resources through leisure experience, realizing the processes of park environment's development and that of environment improvement.
4. To create a more beautiful recreation and living environment together by means of the tourists and managers' coordinated preservation.
5. To improve the surroundings of the districts.