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“Animal New Paradise" ~ Fauna features


Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park is rich and diversified in terms of cultivars represented and spatial lay-out. Its varied environment of forests, bushes, grasslands, ponds, streams, buildings and open spaces has attracted numerous kinds of insects, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals that have come and stayed here to forage, roam about, roost and breed. Predatory and symbiotic relationships among the different animals have built an animal ecosystem in the Metro Park.

Historical data from ecological surveys show that the park currently has a cumulative record of 147 species of birds. Common species of insects: 50 species of butterflies, 23 species of dragonflies, two species of fireflies and 58 other species such as bees, stinkbugs, etc., making a total of 133 species. Eight species of frogs from four branches, 10 species of reptiles from six families, five species of small mammals from two families, plankton from seven classes, fish from nine species, benthos from six classes, etc. All these only go to show that Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park is a true paradise for animals.