Natural Resources

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"Ecological green practices" ~ Flora features


The park’s land was originally Taisugar’s West Cingpu Farm’s sugarcane fields and the Kaohsiung City Government’s West Cingpu landfill. With the Kaohsiung Refinery and Jen Ta Petroleum Industrial Zones in the vicinity, the environmental quality was low. Therefore after a period of serving as a landfill, the land was redeveloped and successfully restored as a green and beautiful land. Reforestation has created a beautiful landscape and improved the environmental quality. In a massive reforestation effort to create a varied green area, the park has planted forest areas, grasslands, ecological ponds, landscaped gardens and much more, a rich and lush environment.

There is a highly distinct flora surrounding at Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park. In addition to a high diversity and complexity of plant species, it links the concept of an urban forest to ecological reforestation. Its tree-planting practice has introduced the ‘growth-oriented restoration park" concept. It has selected indigenous tree cultivars suitable to the climate in the south. After growing the saplings on site, the park planted trees and shrubs together, mixing and matching garden flora and fauna with nectar-giving and edible plants. The number of cultivars planted exceeds 260, while the quantity surpasses 120,000 trees.