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  • Where is Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park and how do I get there?

Address: No.24, Demin Rd., Nanzi District., Kaohsiung City 811, Taiwan.
There are many ways to get here. Visitors can take the KRT system and exit at Kaoshiung Metropolitan Park station and follow the signs. (About 10 minutes)
If you are coming from Taiwan National Highway No.1, please exit at Nanzi and follow the signs. 


  • Does Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park charge an entrance fee?

A: All facilities and services at Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park are free. Please use them with caution.


  • Does Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park have any special facilities?

A: Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park provides visitors at any age with cozy ambiance, for all kinds of recreational activities, including visitor service center, trails and meadows, a skating rink and courts, a reading room, an exhibition room as well as in/outdoor venues for children.


  • What are the operating days and times of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park?

A: Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park outdoor facilities are open from 6:00 to 21:00. Basically the outdoor facilities are open all year long, but for your safety, please do not enter the park on typhoon days or during heavy rain. Indoor facilities are operated Tuesdays through Sundays, 9:00 – 12:00 and 13:30 – 17:00 hours (closed on Mondays).
Indoor facilities would still be opened on national holidays and closed on the day after.


  • Does the park offer movie screenings or tours for groups?

A: The park offers a booking service for movie screenings, outdoor tours, children’s play room and outdoor venues. 
For further details and bookings information please go to Group bookings and Points of attention.


  • What activities are coming up in the park?

A: The Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park management regularly organizes nature tours for parents and children, the Care for Taiwan lecture series, exhibitions and eco games. Press releases about these activities are sent to newspapers, radio and TV in the Kaohsiung area, and announcements are placed on the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park’s website.


  • Is it allowed to barbecue in Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park?

A: To protect the park’s plants, grasslands and facilities, barbecuing and cooking are not allowed in the park. However, visitors can always prepare their food in containers and picnic in the park. In the end, please make sure to clean the area before you leave.
Please go to Visitors notices site for more information and specific rules.


  • I'd like to go to Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park for nature observation. What particular plants and animals can I expect to see?

A: If you come to the park regularly, you will be able to feel the life vitality and changes at this landfill-turned-parkland. The new life that’s continuously discovered here never ceases to amaze. For further information about the park’s flora and fauna, please go to Nature observation.

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